sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

"Turkey Is a Bridge Between Europe and Asia"

The wonderful world of the Internet allows us to meet people who otherwise we would hardly come to know. Thus, I met with Burak, a 23 year old Turkish college student. Turkey being located right next door, never the less still far away, is a Eurasian country, that is about to enter the European Union. It appeared to me the idea of an interview, what Burak replied yes.

During the interview I tried to understand the point of view of a Turk, about how it will be its integration into the European Union and on religion.


  • What do you think about the possibility for Turkey to become part of the European Union? It will be a positive thing for us because we win autonomy to be able to travel freely throughout the European area. Nowadays, if I want to go to Sweden, Poland and Norway hardly pass me the visa. I personally would rather not be part of this union, because Catholics live constantly at war with the Islamic peoples. And for that reason I think we will not accepted by the Union. Frankly, I would like the Islamic people did their own union, as a new kingdom. For example Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc.. That would make much more sense!

  • In Turkey, 99% of the population is Muslim, as seen Catholics living in the country?
    We have great respect for Catholics, there is no division between us. We live in harmony, for that matter, we have many churches scattered throughout the country.

  • And the Catholic traditions?
    We respect these traditions, which are not to say that we understand, therefore, we follow the Quran and the Catholic Bible. In Islam we have more obligations as Catholics. The point of getting kicked out if they commit any sin. Catholics are more careless towards their own religion and that's a fact!

  • In a climate so religious, it is normal to have couples who come together without marrying? Yes, in Turkey there is no such problem, if you like a woman can live with it without trouble. The only problem might be if she becomes pregnant before marriage, because then their parents will flock to the couple and give them a shot, then, consider this a great humiliation / shame.

  • In the case of a Catholic to become pregnant, do you think the same situation would happen?
    Certainly. Here we have big problems with tobacco, alcohol or sex, unlike other Islamic countries. But, pregnant without being married is a reason to kill the couple.

  • The Muslim countries are very associated with terrorism, with Turkey, an Islamic country, is there terrorism in Turkey?
    Yes, there is terrorism by the Kurds since 1990, killing an average of 4 Turkish military because they have pretensions to be a Kurdish Republic in eastern Turkey. Our soldiers face daily the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party), because we have to protect our lands. I am a bit nationalistic and sometimes I even want a bomb fell on the Kurdish thus ended the war once and for all.

  • In Europe the environmental policy is too tight, especially in factories. In Turkey is there also this kind of concern?
    Yes, there is a work that is being done in any country around the environment, e.g. recycling...

  • There is an ASAE (Safety Food Authority and Economic) in Turkey?
    Yes, there is also very well and I think therefore that the saddle is allocated for our health, which is a necessary evil.

  • What is the idea that you have to Portugal?
    Actually I do not know much of Portugal. I know they speak Portuguese, I know the football team, where the country is, but apart from that ... But I would like to visit one day!

  • There is some personality, Portuguese actor or musician you know?
    I have the feeling that the Portuguese are a people friendly and optimistic. I love Latin music. But as I am a man connected to the metal the only group I know are the Moonspell.

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